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      Our popular fashion gear was featured in MONOCO


      One of our most popular products was featured on MONOCO , a shopping website that offers suggestions for a lifestyle that suits you.

      MONOCO is a truly select shop where discerning staff try out items in their daily lives for three weeks and only sell items that they are satisfied with.

      They have been handling some OROS products for some time now, and this time they introduced the following products.

      • Horizon Quarter Zip
      • Itinerant jacket
      • Nova Crew
      • ORION hoodie

      The ever-popular Horizon is quickly becoming out of stock, but you can still get it at MONOCO.
      Our latest product, the Itinerant jacket, has a cool look and high performance, and has been in demand by companies as team wear.
      In addition, we have a wide selection of attractive products that you can only find at MONOCO, so please take a look!

      A shopping site where you can find attractive products that search engines and social media won't tell you about.

      Things I wouldn't buy for myself, but would be happy to receive (budget 30,000 yen)

      15 selections of relaxation & health products and daily necessities