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      ORION City Coatのご紹介 (スタイリッシュさと最高峰断熱性能を兼ね備えたNo.1アウター)

      ORION City Coatのご紹介 (スタイリッシュさと最高峰断熱性能を兼ね備えたNo.1アウター)







      極寒の環境でもスタイリッシュな都会的デザインを維持しながら暖かさを保つことができるORION City Coat
      OROS Japanのこの革新的なアウターウェアは、宇宙探査のために設計された高度な断熱技術と都会生活にぴったりのデザイン美学を融合させています。

      比類なき断熱技術 SOLARCORE®

      これによって-40℃という極寒の温度にも耐えうる優れた断熱性能を提供します。その驚異的な断熱特性にもかかわらず、素材は薄く柔軟であり、コートがかさばったり動きにくくなったりすることはありません。その理由はOROSユーザーにはお馴染みの「Advanced Thermal Zoning」( アドバンスド サーマルゾーニング)という技術を使って、断熱材を適所にのみ配置し、動き易さを損なわなず、保温性と機動性の両立を図っているからです。




      現代の都市生活者を念頭に置いて設計されたORION City Coatは、機能性とスタイリッシュなシルエットを兼ね備えています。主な特徴は以下の通りです:

      • 洗練されたデザイン:ミニマルなデザインにより、日常の通勤から夜の外出まで様々なシーンで着用可能です。
      • 撥水素材:予測不能な天候に対応できる撥水素材で作られており、通気性を損なうことなく身体を乾燥させます。
      • 豊富なポケット:スマートフォン、財布、鍵などの必需品を便利に収納できる複数のポケットを備えています。


      厳しい冬の条件に最適なだけでなく、ORION City Coatの通気性のある素材と軽量な構造により、季節の変わり目でも快適に過ごせます。一年中スタイリッシュで快適に過ごせるコートです。





      [Corporate Case Study: Vol.2] The ultimate in cold protection in a freezer warehouse with temperatures below -20℃ all year round


      Even in cold regions, we tend to think that as long as winter is over, it's fine, but in warehouses where food is stored, operations must be carried out in sub-freezing environments even in summer.

      Following on from last time, we will be introducing an example of the use of the ORION Parka, which boasts OROS's best cold protection performance, reliably keeping out the cold without restricting movement while working.

      ■ Example of a cold storage facility that handles food

      A cold storage company that operates multiple warehouses in a certain prefecture has introduced ORION hoodies as work clothes to be worn inside the warehouse.

      The company in question needed to enter and exit the warehouse, which is below freezing all year round, so they were looking for an outerwear that was easy to put on without having to layer up and that could withstand the temperatures inside the freezer.

      As you know, OROS outerwear has extremely high insulation performance so there is no need to wear layers of innerwear, and its thin and light design means it does not get in the way of your activities inside the warehouse.

      All of these elements met the needs of working in a cold storage warehouse, so they decided to install it.

      After the introduction, we have been receiving feedback from customers who have been wearing the product for about two weeks.

      "It doesn't feel warm, it feels cold."
      "You can go into the warehouse while keeping the temperature inside the office locked in."

      When we asked him about it in more detail, he told us that it would be especially useful in the summer, when there is a big difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the warehouse, as the difference in temperature can make people more susceptible to falling ill.

      This is a unique opinion from an actual worker.

      I believe that there are many people in industries that have to travel between environments with different temperatures, not just those in a cold storage warehouse like the company in this case.

      OROS outerwear is not only excellent at keeping you warm, but it is also lightweight, easy to move in, and has high thermal insulation properties, making it useful for protecting the health of your employees.
      Please consider this option to ensure stable business operations.

      OROS Japan

      Perfect for spring skiers and snowboarders! Excellent mobility and breathability


      Snow activities in the mountains in spring are in the latter half of the season, but for those who enjoy the mountains in all four seasons, there are various ways to have fun depending on the season.

      Even in the mountains in spring, outerwear that is both comfortable and functional is essential.
      So, today we'll introduce you to why OROS ' IMMIX jacket is perfect for the spring ski season.

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