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      OROS JAPAN acts as the exclusive distributor of the US OROS brand in Japan.

      The OROS brand gained huge popularity when it was the first in the world to apply the material used by NASA to insulation in space suits in apparel.

      Their efforts have been recognized by the famous FORBES.

      Founders Michael and Litvik were selected as part of FORBES 30 under 30 in 2018.

      FORBES commented on OROS' technology, "Their products are so impactful that they render existing clothing obsolete."

      OROS rejects the traditional baggy clothing and creates stylish clothing that is warm. The fabrics they develop do not use animal-derived materials such as feathers that are normally used in down, so they are highly regarded from the perspective of environmental protection and animal welfare.

      Through apparel, we are challenging ourselves to make a contribution at a "planet level."

      As the sole distributor of OROS in Japan, we will deliver the wonderful appeal of the OROS brand to Japanese customers.