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      The IMMIX Jacket CAMPFIRE project will start tomorrow, December 16th (Friday) around noon!

      We are pleased to announce this masterpiece jacket in the series, which brings together the wisdom of OROS, a pioneering space suit material brand.

      We will inform you of the reward list and size guide in advance.

      If you are interested, please come to the site early tomorrow.

      Return Table

      *The Imix Jacket in women's size XS is not included in this reward due to limited stock.

      *Please note that the Imix Bib is not included in this reward due to limited stock.

      Size Guide
      Model Size Guide

      ●Model: Height 183cm, Weight 79kg, Waist 78.7cm,

      Wearing Immix jacket size M

      If the size doesn't fit, you can exchange it once if we have it in stock!

      ●Immix Jacket

      Immix jacket ladies size

      *Please check the CAMPFIRE page for pants and innerwear size details.
      Model image
      For your reference when choosing size
      Men's Model 1
      Men's Model 2AKI
      Women's Model 1

      Women's Model 2

      Loose fit

      So, stay tuned for tomorrow!